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This is one in a series of entries about my recent trip to Israel. I was there from July 17-29, 2012; these entries are being posted a few weeks after the experience. Everything is transfered directly from my notebook and is only edited for grammar and spelling. All words that appear on the blog were written on the trip. More Israel entries are available here.

29 (& 30) July 2012 — Jerusalem; El Al Flight 009; JFK

We shared our “This I believe” statements and wrote complimentary notes to each other on a big sheet of paper. It appears people appreciate me for my intelligence, humor, and honesty. Shocking.

Then we had a whole-group close-out and next-steps session. Everyone has a bunch of ambitious ideas about how to take REALITY and continue it into our communities, classrooms, etc. We’ll see how many pan out.

Then there were all the standard feel-good closing ceremony things—sharing a line from our “This I believe”s, hearing from group representatives putting things into the backpack, thank-yous to the facilitators, leaders, guests, and organizers. 

Then a warm goodbye to our tour guide Idan, who cheerfully and honestly invited us to sleep on her couch if we ever return. She is the best guide I’ll ever have. I tipped her and our awesome driver. My brief notes to both:

  • Idan: I will spend my life looking for a tour guide as good as you, and I’ll probably fail.
  • Mo: I trusted you with my life, and you delivered.

Then we stuffed our faces at a restaurant near the airport. Then we took a flight to NYC JFK. Landed at midnight Eastern after a great sleep. And now I enter these final words in my trip log, where I hope I’ve been able to convey the intensity and significance of the trip.

2:22 a.m., 30 July 2012