I live in Denver, which is in Colorado. All the folks consider me pretty rad. I look like an Alex. My name is Alex.
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A ugust:

M en

E arning

R uns

I n

C leats.

A merica!

Busch Stadium is the coolest place I’ve ever watched baseball. It was filled to the brim for a 12:45 p.m. Thursday game. Even their peanuts were of highest quality.

I drank a Bud Select because, you know, Rome.

I also played and watched some sports games in Phoenix. I bowled a probably-personal-best-but-not-100%-sure 133 on Saturday and watched the D-Backs beat the Rockies 4-2 in the quietest, most insanely boring baseball stadium to ever exist. The retractable roof was closed because it was 100 degrees outside, but it had a terrible effect on the atmosphere of the game. It didn’t even feel like a pro baseball game. So strange.

A baker’s dozen people came up to Denver from the Springs to take in a Colorado Rockies game on Sunday afternoon.

Apartment pregame, perfect weather, 11 innings, Rox grand slam, Peyton Manning in the crowd, post-game happy hour.

So anyway, now it is the eighth inning and an Artist who is wearing a jersey that doesn’t have his name on it comes up to bat, and James Lipton announces his name and credentials, which I can’t really hear, and then the batter momentarily interrupts the flow of the game to walk behind the catcher and inform James Lipton that he is an Academy Award Nominee. The game resumes and the Academy Award Nominee gets on base and then is eventually driven in as a run, and he slides head first into home plate, which is maybe an offensive maneuver that violates the two-hand-touch-equivalent spirit of this charity softball game, but nobody on Artists objects because they are desperately in need of runs.
Alec Baldwin dominated by Ken Auletta in Artists-Writers baseball game.
That’s a good pitch to throw when you have two strikes on a right-handed hitter. That’s a bad pitch to throw when you have zero strikes on a plant. Ball two.
The worst at-bat in modern history.

Platonic temporary roommates/baseball fans.

Site of the incident.

A Rockies start.