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This is the death of a restaurant.

It was No. 1 on my list of places I wanted to visit, so today—its last day, because of a lease dispute—I lined up at 9:55, along with dozens of regulars, to eat brunch in the lobby of an old theater. It was incredibly good and incredibly sad.

(Stuffed and bacon-wrapped jalapenos. Bloody mary. Lamb posole.) 

Tonight’s made-up-on-the-spot dinner: Italian sausage (local!!) and charred onions with a cilantro-jalapeño-lime sauce.

Spicy peanut noodle salad with red, yellow, and jalapeño peppers, cucumbers, bean sprouts, scallions, basil, and crushed peanuts. And a crazy-easy, makes-up-for-being-single-on-Valentine’s-Day-tasty dressing. Recipe.

Oven-baked potato chips with apartmentmade French onion dip. The recipe is from the Marczyks' kitchen. I added a quarter-cup of diced jalapeños to the sautéing onions because I am a bold go-getter not afraid of making mistakes.

Fresh cilantro, herb of the gods, is plentiful, and hidden slivers of jalapeno leap out occasionally to zap the tongue.

Pro prose.

Also, this: “It’s like a miniature Shopsin’s, the legendary New York restaurant with more than 900 menu items.” No higher compliment.

Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, Yellow Tail (fish, not wine) + jalapeño and a sweet sauce.