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Here’s what we did in Kansas City. 

That’s a party bus called The Viper.

Luckily, Dinger did 18 months of market research before we arrived, sparing us the generally terrible food in Kansas City. The places he found are all knockouts. (Except for the brunch place with no liquor license.)

To set things off, I lit up my Southwest plane trip with some whiskey, Coors Light, and coffee.

Our midnight snack on Friday night was a frozen pizza that someone ruined.

The next morning, Dinger took us to a brunch place (again, to be clear, with no liquor license) where Dan and I ordered the Sumo. It cost $15 and could feed someone for a week. We each took home pounds of the stuff in to-go boxes. I grifted my 25% of the total dish to Jay for $14. He’ll never find out, because I don’t think they have internet in Bermuda.

Oklahoma Joe’s. I’ll never have a better pork rib. Sad. 

We made it back to The Peanut, though this time we took our 48 (a.k.a. 96) wings to go. Each wing is really an unhinged wing-drumstick combo, so you gotta double it, man.

I made the terrible mistake of signing on to a second trip to Kansas City, where Dinger teaches. Some of us gathered there in December, 2011, for an unforgettable weekend of madness. This second incarnation of the trip, dubbed MLKCMO2013, happened.

Here’s who was dumb enough to do this:

  1. Dinger (host)
  2. Mike (provider)
  3. Jay (wild card)
  4. Kevin (liability)
  5. Molly (mom)
  6. Dan (sloven)
  7. Frieband (judge)
  8. me (photographer)

He went to Denver or Kansas City? What, is Jackson doing TFA?!

Arthur Bryant, Jr.

Backwards planning.

The morning after.

It gives you wings.


Kansas City Barbeque Society certified barbeque judge
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